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Well Life is A Box of Chocolates

Journal Entry: Mon May 7, 2012, 3:56 PM
Well they say somethings need to happen to get a view on life and well guess they were right in a way. Been having a lot of bad karma but some good karma finely decided to take a swing at me.

I have been working hard on my college work finally finishing it. Unfortunately when I checked my e-mail box the take home test I sent didn't go though. I hope my teach will still take it. At least I am sure even with a zero on that test I should ace the class none the less. Thank the spirits! I got a break from school now till summer school starts. I will be taking a Lifetime fitness class and two math classes. I need to start working out a bit since sitting at the computer all day is defiantly not healthy for me. The evil math is an absolute must to take. I need to get thought those classes for college. At least this time I am going to take it at school and not online. Taking an online math class was the stupidest thing I have ever done!

Another thing is that the laptop I have been using for quite some time broke. The hard drive completely crashed. I lost all my unsaved data. I had been in the process to backing up the stuff. Just my luck when the thing decides to call quits on me. So I lost a bunch or things including role-plays, poetry and some pictures. Luckily most of the pictures were backed up on my Photobucket , Deviantart, and Facebook accounts.

After all that I kind of went into an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon and watched every single show. I blame the Legend of Korra for getting me back into it. Now I am in the mood to write a short fan-fiction on those things. In all likely hood though I will never get to it but its nice to dream.

One thing I've noticed is that I have not really hung out with anybody in a very long time. Heck I haven't seen my best friend in over half a year. College has been the main reason but honestly I miss her. Hope to hang out with her soon though. Her belated birthday present is still sitting on the small book case in my room. I hope she likes it! ^^

Recently though I got in touch with an old friend who has moved to England. We are re-starting up are old site: which was created all the way back in 2008. We plan to re-write The Cat and the Doll. It was going to fast paced and needs some major editing. The story is the only original story that I have ever published online and is absolutely not a fanfiction. But after reading the old thing again it made me want to re-draw my character Kelena. Doing that right now! You may see it late up on D.A. when I have time to post and what not.

Well that's all for now.


  • Listening to: Carol of the Bells
  • Reading: The Cat and the Doll, by: Velvet & Ryuuki
  • Watching: Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Eating: Sometype of pasta thing
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
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Submitted on
May 7, 2012